Wake-up call for the PCB

December 23, 2017

The whole cricket community across the country in fact has shown serious anger against the recent Future tour plan (FTP) for 2019-2023 which has been finalized by the ICC, where Pakistan is almost degraded to the level of minnows like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland.

According to the new FTP, Pakistan has been given 121 International matches including just 30 Tests, 43- One-day Internationals and 48 T-20 Internationals during four-year period starting from May 2019. Only Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland will play fewer Test matches than Pakistan. England will play 47 Tests, Australia 40 and India 37; even Bangladesh will play 35 Tests.

Pakistan will end their current FTP playing 128 International matches till May 2019.

The PCB has the right to contribute in the ICC matters but I think that the board officials were not able to defend this issue in the Chief Executives’ meeting held earlier this month.

On the other hand, the criticism was raised from the Former cricketers immediately after this issue got prominent in the headlines. Hence, the entire cricket community is looking forward to the PCB’s reaction which might produce alarming situation in future.

Pakistan Test team was and remained the dominant side for most of the times having the power to distract world-top class batting with their tremendous bowling attack.

Despite having won the ICC champions trophy in England last summer, the team had faced pathetic attitude. We can’t declare any individual behind this setback, but it should be stopped in order to turn over the things in our favor.

Meanwhile, there are many questions in this regard which are yet not being answered by the PCB and creating a lot of disturbance amongst the cricket circuit.

The PCB authorities are involved in anti-cricket activities paying less attention towards the betterment of domestic circuit in the country.

Over the years our domestic cricket has failed to produce quality players and those players who were discovered at domestic level, immediately prefer several leagues over their domestic schedules.

The PCB Chairman Najam Sethi has failed to push the domestic cricket on higher-level in his reign; despite having made a lot of promises to do so.

The PCB has recently allowed their top stars to play in T-10 league concluded in the UAE, for just 400,000 dollars. Kamran Akmal who desired to make a come-back in the national side also participated in the league missing the crucial matches for his team WAPDA in the knock-out stage of Quaid-e-Azam Trophy.

Apart from him many others missed crucial matches for their team in the knock-out stage of Quaid-e-Azam trophy due to their interest in such meaning-less league, but why a player cares until he got the free-hand from his board.

The cricket board is facing crucial problems to develop the grass-root level cricket, but their attitude has not being diverted towards the betterment.

Like many other Former cricketers, the Former Test captain Jawed Miandad is also not satisfied with the workings of the PCB under its new Chairman.

While talking in an interview he said that the man behind the fall of cricket is non-other than the Chairman Najam Sethi who doesn’t know the thick and thins of the game.

“Sethi is not reliable towards the cricketing affairs as he has been appointed the chairman on his political powers,” he said.

Miandad further said that the PCB should focus on their domestic cricket rather than dealing with such cases against India which are result-less.

I agree with the thoughts of Former captain that the PCB is facing serious problems in various departments in which domestic cricket is most important but there is no one present in the board to sort out some way to make things better.

All the top officials of the PCB are non-cricketing persons and they all are busy to cement their desired post in the board.

Setting-up the own league is not only the solution to get rid of the things but there should be some proper supervision over the cricketing affairs.




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