Video of Dhoni’s daughter singing a song goes viral

December 5, 2017

Celebrity kid is a new phenomenon especially on social media liked by the fans—new breed of admirers. The latest in the series is cute Ziva—the daughter of MS Dhoni who will bring a smile on your face with her singing talent.

Ziva’s parents, Sakshi and M.S. Dhoni keep on sharing her photos and videos. They recently posted a video of their darling daughter who is seen singing a Malayalam song.

The video soon went viral on the Internet. The cutie-pie is seen singing a popular Malayalam song called, ‘’Kani Kanum Neram Kamalanethrante.''

The caption reveals she was unwell at the time of singing. But she sang it with quite ease. Her good linguistic skills in Malayalam are mainly thanks to her caretaker Sheila who hails from Kerala and has been teaching her Malayalam songs.