Video: Barber from Bahawalpur has a unique offer for customers…

September 11, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

BAHAWALPUR: A barber from Bahawalpur has a unique proposition for his customers--buy him a match ticket and get your hair cut for the rest of your life for free. 

Apparently, cricket fecer has gripped the whole country ever since Pakistan won ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and the World XI squad made its way to Lahore for a series.

Samar Abbas, a barber from Bahawalpur, refuses to cut or trim the hair of any person who steps into his shop. Till a customer buys him a match ticket, of course.

The barber has put a sign outside his shop, inviting anyone to buy him a match ticket for which he's willing to perform his services for that customer for free. And the offer will last for a full single year.

A dejected customer can be seen walking away from the shop after Samar Abbas refuses to cut his hair till he gets the match ticket.
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Story first published: 11th September 2017