Imad Wasim scandal: Dutch woman warns other girls

September 29, 2017

A Dutch girl of Afghanistan-origin, who was reportedly in relationship with Imad Wasim, has warned other girls that the cricketer could take advantage of their innocence.

The Dutch girl has alleged that she was dumped by Imad Wasim after two were in relationship.

Imad Wasim, in a video message, has denied having any relation with the girl, saying that she was just a fan who was resorting to blackmailing.

The cricketer has urged his fans and media to respect his privacy.

She, however, released her WhatsApp chat with Imad Wasim, which appeared to confirm that the two were indeed in regular contacts.

She told media that Imad Wasim had told her that he was a changed man.

"He even told me that he had a very wild past. and that he had so many women in the past. So but he wasn't this at that time and he changed. I really believed him that because I thought you know I don't really have a reason not to believe him," she said.

"Obviously I don't want to stay with this guy because nobody wants to be with someone who lies and cheats."

"I also want to warn other girls because I know he will take advantage out of their innocence, their sweetness, you know advantage out of them."

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