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What the future holds for TECNO in Pakistan?

It has created a stir in Pakistan's smartphone market

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 22, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Nov 22, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
What the future holds for TECNO in Pakistan?

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TECNO has created quite a stir in Pakistan’s smartphone market with a series of success stories and record-breaking sales.

The company has emerged as a brand that is purely consumer centric. TECNO started becoming noticeable after the phenomenal success of its Spark Go. The latest smartphone by TECNO, Camon 12 Air has helped the brand in becoming one of the top smartphone manufacturers.

Within a short time span of time, TECNO has become a threat to major smartphone brands in Pakistan, which is an outstanding achievement. The main reason behind this is that TECNO offers a lot of options to its users in the mid-range category. It is quite rare for a brand to come up with a combination of flagship features with a budget friendly price tag. TECNO seems to have championed this art.

When a company is only offering high-end phones, they are always targeting a niche. TECNO, on the other hand, is offering budget phones as well which shows that it is not targeting a niche, but everyone. TECNO has a competitive edge as it offers feature rich phones in budget friendly prices. No other brand is offering flagship features in mid-range phones.

While TECNO is here to stay for a long time, let’s go into the details of what lies ahead for the brand.

If we observe the past performance of TECNO’s smartphones, we can see that TECNO has done an incredible job in winning the trust of customers. It will continue to do so as the smartphone manufacturer understands that keeping up with the fast changing technology trends is critical. Users will always be interested in purchasing a phone that features latest technology.

TECNO’s CSR campaign earned the company strong visibility. The brand rolled out the #Bluechalk campaign this year that promised to donate a portion from each handset to Khubaib Foundation. President Dr Arif Alvi also acknowledged TECNO’s effort to contribute towards the prosperity of Pakistan.

TECNO’s first TikTok campaign #SparktheSpeed garnered 4.9 billion views within 15 days only and till now has received 5.7 billion views. The campaign featured top celebrities, including Noor Hassan, Hina Altaf and Mikaal Zulfiqar. The campaign highlighted the fast performance of Spark Go by asking TikTokers to do a challenge that demanded the user to dance to increasing beats.

The Spark 4 TVC ad shows Mikaal Zulfiqar all charged up. The ad gained 10,000 likes and above 600 shares on the company’s official Facebook page.

A strong predictor of any company’s success is its customer service and TECNO’s strategy is quite effective in this department. The smartphone manufacturer is quick to respond to customer feedback. The company has a very active social media account and they consider it very important to ask for the opinion of their users so that they can offer them the products that they want. TECNO has increased engagement of users on their page for this very reason.

Another way experts can tell how the company will do in future is to understand marketing strategies of the company. TECNO has always placed emphasis on coming up with ingenious ideas for creating awareness of their smartphones. A very important element found in the marketing strategy of TECNO is the inclusion of their users. They ensure that they keep their customers entertained by bringing incredible offers, such as great discounts on important days and sometimes free smartphones for participating in activities organised by the company.

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