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Sensodyne shows how the love of mothers is a blessing

Reporting | - Posted: May 16, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: May 16, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Sensodyne shows how the love of mothers is a blessing

Her love knows no bounds, her sacrifices are endless and she’s the one person who knows the real you.

In Sensodyne’s new advertisement, the bond between a mother and a son is portrayed. When the son gets late from office, his ammi is awake for him, just so she can serve him food.

The boy is all set to go home from work when he gets a call from his boss. He gets back to work and calls his mom to tell her to not wait for him at dinner.

But when he reaches home (somewhere around 11 pm), her mom is still awake and starts to heat food. She says she cannot have food without him. And that the most “refreshing time” for her is when he comes home from work.

The boy apologises for getting late again and for making her wait. The mother replies, “Beta, I don’t get sensitive on such small matters,” and says that she doesn’t know if that would be the case with his wife.

The toothpaste brand is starting a campaign to raise awareness about the sensitivity of relationships in our life. Be it your parents, children, spouse or friends, our life would be incomplete without a strong support system.

Hasaas Rishtay is about the moments that give meaning to our life. A series of videos will be launched in the campaign, each revolving around one of the relationships we get sensitive about.

Sensodyne is designed for people with sensitive teeth and is working to create a future free from sensitivity pain for everyone. However, they have now taken an initiative to start discussion about the importance of relationships and collectivism in the Pakistani culture.

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