Internet abuzz as Telenor set to reveal something exciting for data users

For the past few days, the internet has witnessed a series of videos that have taken users by surprise.

What is happening? Is something big coming our way? We analysed the situation and this is our take.

The brand behind these emerging videos is Telenor Pakistan.

Traditionally, Telenor Pakistan has been a front runner in digital innovation by providing superior data driven solutions in the country. It promotes digital lifestyle experiences and opportunities that arise from data usage. It also focuses on the promise of providing a seamless data experience to its customers – and this recent disruption could be something leading to another data-driven campaign.

It is safe to assume that Telenor will be revealing something exciting for data users in the coming few days, which hopefully will be something that enhances its customers data driven needs.

The videos hint that Telenor will be providing a unique kind of data experience to its users. From the aesthetics of the video content, which feature scenes of people doing ordinary things in fast-forward motion, it can be assumed that Telenor will be focusing on the lifestyle of its customers and its improvement through fast speed digital solutions. This customer first approach has always been at the heart of every initiative the brand has taken over the last few years.

We are excited to see what Telenor has in store for us.

The only question that remains: What is the one thing every internet user needs?