TV actress left in tears after dogs poisoned to death

March 11, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

KARACHI: A leading TV actress broke into tears after three stray dogs she adopted were poisoned to death by KMC in a major drive to curb a population of strays that bite thousands of people every year.

In a video message, TV actress Muzna Ibrahim appealed to KMC to find another way to fix the dog issue.

“I am making this video to tell everyone who might know anyone at the KMC to please find another way to fix the dog issue. Please don’t poison the dogs. I had adopted four stray dogs and today three of the four have been killed/murdered by KMC through poison. They suffered so long before dying. So if anybody knows anyone at the KMC who has any control any power please find another way to sort out the issue. For God’s sake be humane,” she appealed.

The actress also posed a video of her dog appeared to have been poisoned. - SAMAA
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Story first published: 11th March 2017




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