Photos of declawed lion cub in Karachi cause uproar

January 10, 2017
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lion cub

KARACHI: A lion cub was brought to Karachi veterinary clinic for checkup after being declawed, triggering a debate on social media whether the residents be allowed to keep wild animals in captivity.

Declawing is an operation to remove an animal’s claws surgically and is considered an act of animal cruelty in many countries.

“A lion cub is brought in for a checkup at a Karachi veterinary clinic after being declawed. Owners oozed major confidence as no leash even,” an animal rights group PAWS wrote on its Twitter account along with the pictures of the cub.

PAWS also put a question on the micro-blogging site, tagging the daughter of prime minister, whether Pakistan is willing to ban the possession of wild animals in captivity in line with a recent announcement made by United Arab Emirates.

UAE has banned residents from owning cheetahs, lions, tigers and other wild animals as pet.

Reacting to the photos shared by PAWS Pakistan, people called for a ban on the declawing. Here are some of the reactions:

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Story first published: 10th January 2017


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