Chokers are back with a bang!

January 9, 2017
Filza Jawad Hai


By: Filza Jawad Hai

After doing some tunneling it was found that many chokers worn by the models and celebs today are exactly like the ones the 90’s models and celebs used to wear.


Fashion always takes a U-turn and returns time after time with a subtle difference. If you’re the kind of a person who can’t give up their belongings like old jewelry and etc., you’ll be happy to know that the fashion of chokers has revived without any modifications. It’s that time of the year when you can put your chokers back on.


Goodbye to the statement necklaces and welcome to the thin piece of fabric or leather that embellishes the necks of many today. Even though it’s just a piece of cloth or metal but it’s so beautifully wrapped around your neck without any pendant or stones that it puts all the attention on your pretty face and makes you look even more gorgeous.


In Pakistan this fashion has been trending so fast, you’ll find every second girl around wearing a choker. Who knew this ordinary fashion could become such an ‘in thing’.

However, chokers have a superpower of giving some sort of dark elegance to you outfit. Spot on your outrageously cool look perfect for the fall season. To pull it off you can cut your hair loose in beach waves, you’ll need a loose oversized black denim jacket, a grey tee-shirt , skinny black jeans with ripped knees, with champagne or olive green color heels, a gold or rose gold watch and of course a cross weaved or plain black velvet choker.

Undoubtedly, chokers look best with low-cut top or crop top. Shirts with boat neck or round, slightly deep cut neck or collar work best with chokers because anything that covers your collar bones is the wrong way to update your look.


Believe it or not, chokers are made for long necks. If you don’t have enough gap between your chin and neck, then choker is not the right accessory for you. Surprisingly chokers look great with pretty much everything you wear, be it Shalwar kameez, a dress or casual jeans and tee-shirt.

You can style up your self by wearing:

  1. The accessory over turtle neck shirt
  2. Choker compliments a beaded necklace pretty well
  3. Pair it with a Denim jacket and tee-shirt for a rock star look.
  4. Bang it up with a feminine dress with a thin ribbon tied as a choker around your neck

Choker is a very delicate accessory that adds a very different mood to even the simplest of looks.

Story first published: 9th January 2017