7 Se 8

Kiran Naz goes into the stories making the headlines to explore them in-depth

Mon to Fri | 7pm to 8pm

Agenda 360

Haider Waheed and Moiz Jaferii bring their legal expertise to explain complex news developments

Fri to Sat | 8pm to 9pm

Awam ki Awaz (Voice of the People)

Farah Yousuf spares no one in her investigations into the crooked and dishonest

Sat | 7pm to 8pm

Awaz (The Voice)

Someone needs to hold the people in power accountable for their decision-making...

Mon to Thurs | 10pm to 11pm

Court No 5

How do laws apply in Pakistan and what can you expect if you go into court...

Sunday | 11pm to 12am

Crime Scene

In one of SAMAA TV longest running shows, Beena Khan delves into the dark underbelly of society to ask why we commit crimes

Mon to Fri | 5:30pm to 6pm

Emergency Ward

A show to create awareness of what to do in a medical emergency

Saturday | 11pm to 12am

Hum Log

How did a crime take place? What happened in an accident? We go back to the scene to uncover...

Sunday | 8pm to 9pm

Kahani (The Story)

We tell the ignored and forgotten stories of your lives that do not make it to the news headlines

Saturdays 5:30pm to 6pm

Naya Din

Naya Din is a morning show in which current affairs, social trendings, talents & much more things to be discussed.

Mon to Fri | 9am to 11am

News Beat

Muhammad Ehtesham Amir-ud-din spares no one in power as he questions their decisions and demands answers

Fri to Sun | 10pm to 11pm

Qutb Online

Qutb Online goes in search of answers to our most pressing questions on matters of faith

Mon to Fri | 11am to 12pm

Sawaal with Amber Shamsi

Amber Shamsi asks the questions that are on your mind. She reaches into the corridors of power in Pakistan to hold accountable the people who are making decisions that affect your lives.

Mon to Thur | 8pm to 9pm

Sports Action

Shoaib Jatt brings his analysis to the big game but we also cover all the news from the sporting world

Sunday | 5pm to 6pm