MQM MPA from Bahadurabad group joins PSP

April 11, 2018
Muhammad Ashad

According to party insiders, Sindh Assembly lawmaker Haji Anwar Raza has decided to quit the MQM. Photo: Courtesy Sindh Assembly website

Another MQM MPA joined Mustafa Kamal’s Pak Sarzameen Party Wednesday.

Sindh Assembly lawmaker Haji Anwar Raza decided to quit the MQM. “It’s the party of opportunists now,” said Raza.

Raza belonged to the Bahadurabad group of the MQM. After the two female MPAs who joined PSP recently, he is the third MQM lawmaker from the Bahadurabad faction to quit the party.

The MPA met Mustafa Kamal and Anis Kaimkhani on Tuesday. He announced his decision at a press conference in Karachi Wednesday.

In December last year, Raza was booked on charges of attacking media representatives and KDA officials during an anti-encroachment drive in District Central.

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Story first published: 11th April 2018


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