Baloch Sadiq Sanjrani is the new Senate chairman

March 12, 2018
Samaa Web Desk
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ISLAMABAD: Sadiq Sanjrani has been sworn in as the new Senate chairman after securing 57 votes out of a total of 103. 

According to information being received from the Parliament House, all 103 senators have cast their votes. PML-N’s Raja Zafar ul Haq and opposition-backed Sadiq Sanjrani are in the run for the slot of Senate’s chairman.


  • 07:51 pm–We have handed over representation of the Senate to you, chairman, a man from Pakistan’s backward province: Azam Swati
  • 07:50 pm–For God’s sake, let democracy function in the country, says Hasil Bizenjo
  • 07:50 pm–Provincial assemblies have been turned into markets, says Hasil Bizenjo
  • 07:49 pm–It has been proven today that certain powers are superior to the parliament, says Hazil Bizenjo
  • 07:45 pm–I am ashamed to sit in this House today, says Hasil Bizenjo
  • 07:36 pm–Members of the parliament congratulate Saleem Mandviwalla
  • 07:35 pm–Slogans of Jiye Bhutto ring out as Mandviwalla is sworn in
  • 07: 33 pm–Saleem Mandviwalla takes oath as new Senate deputy chairman
  • 07:32 pm–Senate chairman Sanjrani calls Saleem Mandviwalla to the stage to take oath as deputy chairman
  • 07: 30 pm–Saleem Mandviwalla defeated Usman Khan Kakar with a margin of 10 votes
  • 07: 30 pm–Three MQM-P senators abstained from voting
  • 07:26 pm–Saleem Mandviwalla has been elected new Senate deputy chairman
  • 07:26 pm–Saleem Mandviwalla has polled 54 votes while Usman Khan Kakar has secured 44 votes
  • 07:26 pm–Saleem Mandviwalla polls required 52 votes to become new Senate deputy chairman
  • 07:23 pm–Usman Kakar secures 40 votes while Mandviwalla has polled 46 votes
  • 07:22 pm–Usman Kakar has polled 36 votes while Mandviwalla has secured 39 votes
  • 07:21 pm: Saleem Mandviwalla secures 34 votes while Usman Kakar has polled 31
  • 07:21 pm–Saleem Mandviwalla leads with 26 votes while Usman Khan has 22 votes
  • 07:19 pm–Usman Kakar leads with 19 votes so far while Saleem Mandviwalla has secured 15 votes
  • 07:19 pm–Vote counting underway
  • 07:19 pm–Three MQM-P senators abstain from voting
  • 07:18 pm–Polling for Senate deputy chairman post concludes
  • 06:58 pm–Usman Khan Kakar and Saleem Mandviwalla are contesting for the deputy chairman Senate post
  • 06:57 pm–Polling underway for election of new deputy chairman Senate
  • 06:56 pm–PML-N and PTI workers chant slogans, get involved in shoving match outside Parliament House
  • 06:55 pm–A thorough investigation should be conducted as to who started the fight, says Shahzad Iqbal
  • 06:52 pm–I hope Senate chairman treats this fight between PTI MNA and prime minister’s son as a breach of privilege, says Moiz Jafri
  • 06:48 pm–Those who were abusing each other till yesterday, are now embracing each other: Marriyum Aurangzaib
  • 06: 47 pm–Faces of those who chant hollow slogans of change have already been exposed in front of the public, says Marriyum Aurangzaib
  • 06:47 pm–PML-N has been beaten at its own game. It was PML-N that started politics of Changa Manga, says Shahzad Iqbal
  • 06:47 pm–Talal slams Zardari and Imran for colluding against ruling party in Senate elections
  • 06:46 pm–Zardari will forsake Bhuttos for personal gain, says Talal Chaudhry
  • 06:46 pm–Talal Chaudhry speaks to media outside Senate Hall
  • 06:44 pm–Whatever happened in Senate Hall was witnessed by everyone, says Marriyum Aurangzaib
  • 06:43 pm–Asif Zardari has trumped PML-N at its own game, says Shahzad Iqbal
  • 06:41 pm–Frustration of PML-N camp evident from reactions of prime minister and Asif Kirmani, says Shahzad Iqbal
  • 06:39 pm–Prime minister’s son should have demonstrated better behaviour, says Moiz Jafri
  • 06:37 pm–“His hand grabbed my throat hence I bit into it,” said PTI MNA Engineer Hamid-ul-Haq
  • 06:36 pm–SAMAA correspondent Abbas Shabbir reports that the prime minister’s son vacated the Senate hall quickly after his fight with the PTI MNA
  • 06:34 pm–SAMAA obtains footage showing the prime minister’s son exiting Senate Hall after his scuffle with the PTI MNA
  • 06:33 pm–Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s son was the one who fought with PTI MNA Engineer Hamid-ul-Haq
  • 06:31 pm–Such a reaction can be expected from Asif Kirmani since he is not a ‘grass root’ politician, says analyst Khalid Azeem
  • 06:30 pm–Analyst Adnan Adil says Asif Kirmani does not have anything to say as dictations have yet not started pouring in from Maryam Nawaz
  • 06:30 pm–“Please give me some privacy,” says Asif Kirmani to the journalist. “Can you force me to react?”
  • 06:29–PML-N’s Asif Kirmani upset after journalist asks him about ‘big upset’ in Senate chairmanship election
  • 06:25 pm–PTI MNA claims the young man grabbed him by the neck
  • 06:24 pm–The scuffle broke out in the Visitor’s Gallery
  • 06:23 pm–Fight breaks out between PTI MNA Engineer Hamid-ul-Haq and a relative of the prime minister
  • 06:22 pm–Scuffle breaks out in Senate hall
  • 06:21 pm–Saleem Mandviwalla will secure the post of deputy chairman in my opinion, says Shahzad Iqbal
  • 06:19 pm–Sadiq Sanjrani will lead the Senate well, says Adnan Adil
  • 06:18 pm–It is a great day for Pakistan since a man from Balochistan has been elected the new Senate chairman, says Adnan Adil
  • 06:15 pm–The question of whether money was used to influence senators’ votes will always remain, says Shahzad Iqbal
  • 06:17 pm–Man of the Series award goes to Asif Zardari for ensuring success through the complex  Senate election process, says Shahzad Iqbal
  • 06:10 pm–Slogans of Jiye Bhutto are raised as Sadiq Sanjrani is sworn in as Senate chairman
  • 06:08 pm–Sadiq Sanjrani taking oath as new Senate chairman
  • 06:07 pm–Sardar Yaqoob calls Sadiq Sanjrani to the stage for the oath taking
  • 06:07 pm–According to the announcement, all votes have been correctly cast
  • 06:05 pm–Official results have been announced–Sadiq Sanjrani has defeated Raja Zafar-ul-Haq by a margin of 11 votes
  • 06:02 pm–Slogans of ‘Aik Zardari Sab Par Bhaari’ raised in parliament
  • 06:00pm–Sadiq Sanjrani polls 57 votes while PML-N candidate Raja Zafar-ul-Haq secures 46 votes
  • 06:00pm–Senators congratulate Sadiq Sanjrani on becoming new Senate chairman
  • 05:59pm–Sadiq Sanjrani elected new Senate chairman
  • 05:50pm–Raja Zafar ul Haq and Sadiq Sanjrani are neck in neck in the Senate’s chairman race
  • 05: 47pm–Vote count to begin shortly
  • 05: 45pm– Sardar Yaqoob Nasir was the last senator to vote
  • 05:37pm– all 103senators in total have cast their votes
  • 5:16 pm–Marriyum Aurangzeb and Khurram Dastagir are present in the house
  • 5:13 pm–Khawaja Saad Rafique and Talal Chaudhry are also present in the house
  • 5:13 pm–Senator Mushahidullah Khan meets other parliamentarians while casting his vote in apparent move to sway them
  • 5:10 pm–60 senators in total have cast their votes
  • 5:07 pm–Zardari is a disease that originated from Balochistan and has reached Bani Gala, says Pervaiz Rasheed
  • 5:05 pm–50 senators in total have cast their votes
  • 5:00 pm–40 votes in total have been cast to elect new Senate chairman
  • 4:55 pm–All opposition parties are with us, says PPP’s Saleem Mandviwalla
  • 4:55 pm– 32 votes in total have been cast to elect new Senate chairman
  • 4:53 pm–JUI-F’s senator Atta-ur-Rehman is not present in the parliament
  • 4:53 pm– Abdul Ghafooq Haidery casts his vote
  • 4:45 pm–JUI-F senators return to the parliament along with Adbul Ghafooq Haidery
  • 4:40 pm–PML-N parliamentarians went outside the building to look for Abdul Ghafoor Haidery who is apparently not present
  • 4:30 pm–Senator Rehman Malik forgot his way when he came to vote for the Senate chairman.
  • 04:00 pm–JI chief Siraj-ul-Haq said that his party’s one vote was crucial in electing the new Senate chairman. Siraj refused to disclose the candidate for which his party would vote for.
    “We will make the decision according to merit,” he said.



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Story first published: 12th March 2018


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