Nizamuddin Sialvi spills beans on hidden forces

February 6, 2018
Published in Pakistan

LAHORE: The hidden forces wanted to use Pir of Siyal Shareef Pir Hameedud Din Sialvi for their ulterior motives against the PML-N government, revealed Punjab MPA Ghulam Nizamuddin Sialvi on Tuesday.

Talking to Samaa, Sialvi revealed that some religious and political elements wanted to leverage Pir of Siyal Sharif to their own benefit and their efforts are in progress so far, adding these forces wanted to give political overtones to the demonstration meant to mainly protest the government attempt against Khatm-e-Nabuwat oath clause in election laws.

“Previously it was a religious matter; however, we were forced to launch the protest as it suited several people,” Nizamuddin said.

“The anti-government forces want us to stage a sit-in; hence, I called upon the Pir Sahib to steer clear of this trap,” he said, adding, “We should not allow ourselves to be capitalized upon by the vest-interests.”

“While on stage in Lahore rally, I received a phone call. I was asked the rally will not entail the desired effect; hence, you should stage a sit-in,” Nizamuddin spilled the beans.

But, I replied, “We do not have any such thing on our schedule of programs." He said he was offered huge sum of money as expenses for the sit-in; however, he turned the offer down and asked the caller to court support from someone else.

Rubbishing the media reports of differences with Pir Hameedud Din Sialvi, he said he never acted against the orders of Pir of Siyal Shareef, adding, “If I can quit my membership of Punjab assembly, I could have left a committee’s meeting also.”
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Story first published: 6th February 2018


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    Classic exposure & truly breaking news ….. well done SAMAA!

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