Zainab murder: Autopsy confirms rape, torture

January 12, 2018
Samaa Web Desk
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LAHORE: Punjab authorities say that a single serial rapist was behind all the recent cases of child abuse and murder in Kasur.

A post-mortem examination conducted on eight-year-old Zainab Ansari confirmed that the young girl was subjected to sexual assault before being strangled to death.

The autopsy revealed that Zainab's hymen was ruptured. There were marks of torture on the girl's nose and neck.

The hyoid bone was found broken, indicating strangulation.

Forensic test is being conducted for further evaluation, police said.

JIT head changed

On the demand of Zainab’s father, the government has changed the head of a committee set up to investigate the heinous crime.

RPO Multan Muhammad Idrees has been named the new head of the joint investigation team.

Single serial rapist suspected

Punjab Government’s spokesman Malik Mohammad Ahmed said that there was ample evidence to suggest that a single serial rapist was behind all recent cases of molestation in Kasur. – SAMAA
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Story first published: 12th January 2018


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  1. shahid sheikh   January 13, 2018 2:27 am/ Reply

    Hope this time police will do there job with responsibility and will prove that they can do a lot of posivity in there duties.
    They should pay attention to there duties and stay alert and make siure all citizen of Pakistan are safe.
    Hope this will not be repeated any more and we all public pray to Allah that we find this culprit as soon as possible and give him punishment as per Islamic rule.
    Oh Allah protect our sisters daughters from these criminals amin.

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