Meet Malaika Zahid–the child boxer from Quetta who’s bagging medals

December 7, 2017
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QUETTA: You may not have heard of Malaika Zahid--a talented child boxer from Quetta who is earning quite a reputation for performing well on the international stage.

Boxing is followed with passion in Pakistan, which is why the country has produced athletes that have earned adulation on the international stage as well.

Malaika Zahid certainly has the potential to make a name for herself since she has bagged two gold medals in international tournaments in her brief career that has spanned only two years so far.

Every single day Malaika cycles her way to Ayub Stadium where she undergoes a hectic training session with her coaches. Malaika's trainers stated that not only can she beat female boxers her age but boys also can't knock her off her feet.

"She is the only boxer in the club that has bagged two gold medals in Mini Olympics Games and other boxing events," said her coach Syed Asif Shah.

Her coaches are of the opinion that if the government's patronage is secured, Malaika has all the talent one requires to become an impressive international boxer.

Quetta is also known for producing an international boxer that has won championships across the globe. Boxer Muhammad Waseem is the current World Boxing Council (WBC) silver flyweight champion.

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Story first published: 7th December 2017


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