Make a choice between judiciary and dacoit: Imran Khan to NA-120 voters

September 16, 2017
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KHUSHAB: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan Sunday addressed his party’s huge public gathering in Khushab city of Punjab, and urged masses to support his party in the fight against corruption.

In his speech, he criticised ruling PML-N leadership, specially ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, accusing the Sharif family of corruption, a day before bye-elections in the Lahore’s National Assembly constituency NA-120.

“Tomorrow is going to be an epic battle in Lahore in NA-120 where people will decide about their future. Oh the people of Lahore! You have to decide who you are supporting to, whether you are with the judiciary or with a dacoit,” he said.

“The people of Lahore will decide whether they stand with their judiciary; that judiciary that for the first time brought a powerful man in the corridors of justice. We salute the Supreme Court, they gave Pakistanis hope,” he said.

He called upon his supporters in NA-120 to vote for the 'change'.

"People of NA-120 decide with your conscience tomorrow. If they give you money, take their money but vote for change!"

Khan accused the ruling party of using government machinery in the election campaign. “On one side are machineries of federal and Punjab governments & PMLN MNAs, MPAs and Maryam Nawaz and on the other is PTI,” he said.

“The days I spent in jail during Musharraf’s era, I did not see one big dacoit. I only saw the weak and the poor in jails; cycle thieves and goat thieves,” he said.

“Your Prime Minister owns some of the most expensive real estate in the world, all in his daughters name… Half the children of this country are malnourished; because they don't get proper nutrition… and then this man makes his innocent little face and asks ‘why was I ousted’?”

"We know they are going to run money and try and buy people. They have tried to bribe judges in the past and have tried to bribe army chiefs," he claimed.

"They have gotten courts attacked and they have gotten the most corrupt to run the biggest institutions."

He also criticised Maryam Nawaz Sharif, who is running election campaign of her ailing mother Kulsoom Nawaz.

"Don't try and deflect by playing up on your mother’s illness. Ask her why in 30 years they couldn't make a hospital where Kulsoom Nawaz could be treated."

"How many peoples’ mothers can be taken out to be treated?" he asked.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has finalized all arrangements to hold bye-election in NA-120 Lahore-III on Sunday.

As many as 44 candidates including 32 independent and 12 ticket holders of different political parties are taking part in the bye-election, said an official of the ECP.

Candidates of major political parties included Begum Kalsoom Nawaz from Pakistan Muslim League (N), Faisal Mir from Pakistan People’s Party and Dr.Yasmeen Rashid from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The constituency has total 3,21,786 registered voters. Total 220 polling stations have been set up for bye-election.


Published in Pakistan

Story first published: 16th September 2017