Volume-10 attracts court’s attention

July 18, 2017
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ISLAMABAD: All nine volumes of the final JIT report have  been made public but Volume-10 that has been put under wraps—away from the public scrutiny.

11:25am: Justice Ejaz Afzal said it will be the trial court’s decision to launch the inquiry into Hudaibiya Papers Mills or not.

He remarked, “How can be declare a part of the JIT report correct and the other wrong?”

The Volume-10 of the JIT report took up a lot of attention of the court as the judges and the counsel of Sharif family discussed it.

Responding to the Sharif family’s counsel Khawaja Haris arguments, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed said no evidences were found in the Volume-10, adding, “Perhaps, it was kept sealed only because of you; however, we can make it available if you insist on it."

Hearing the Panama Papers implementation case, the three-member SC bench said, “We said the same yesterday as well that the court does not want to keep anything secret.”

“We do not know as to why the Volume-10 was kept secret. However, there was no evidence found in this volume. Maybe, the volume was kept secret only because of you.”

However, this volume will be made available if the same is insisted upon, the court said. –SAMAA
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Story first published: 18th July 2017


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