FIA manhandles female reporter for taking Zafar Hijazi’s photo

July 21, 2017
Samaa Web Desk
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ISLAMABAD: A female reporter alleged that she was subjected to assault and her phone was confiscated by FIA when she had taken a photograph of SECP Chairman Zafar Hijazi, on Friday. 

Speaking to media personnel, a female reporter of Channel 24 named Saba claimed that FIA personnel  assaulted her for taking a photograph of the SECP Chairman.

"I met him (Hijazi) and asked about his health to which he responded," she said. "I took his photograph to which he did not object but there was an FIA official who did," she added.

According to Saba, the FIA official tried to take her phone by force but she did not let him, since she had already deleted the two photographs of Hijazi.

Saba claimed that the FIA official then starting behaving rudely with her and grabbed her arm forcefully.

"Then the FIA official gave me a pen and paper, telling me to write that I took the photograph by force and came into PIMS hospital without permission," she claimed. "I was also told to write that I had not informed anyone that I was from a news channel."

Saba revealed that she wrote the true account of what happened which was that she was from a news channel and had taken Zafar Hijazi's photograph keeping in mind her professional duty as a reporter.

"I also wrote that I was forced to delete the pictures of Zafar Hijazi," she said.

However, the FIA official tore up the paper and told her not to write. He then urged Saba to write an apology note for entering PIMS without permission.

Journalists protested against the ugly incident inside PIMS hospital and showed support for the female reporter.
Published in Pakistan

Story first published: 21st July 2017


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