PM Nawaz Sharif is history, it’s over: Naeem Bokhari

April 20, 2017
Published in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: PTI lawyer Naeem Bokhari says that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has run out of luck in the wake of landmark Supreme Court's verdict in the Panama Leaks case.

"I was just reading the file and I just volunteered and said that Maian sahab (Nawaz Sharif) has run out of luck. He is history," Bokhari said and when asked by Nadeem Malik if he was so sure. "I swear to God," he responded smilingly.

"He is history. Its over," he said.

To a question, he said that Mian sahab cannot live in London now. He cannot live in Jeddah either. He can neither go to Makkah nor Madina. There is only once place he can go now - Anatolia (modern-day Turkey)," said Bokhari as he burst into laughter. - SAMAA
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Story first published: 20th April 2017


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