Man murders second wife in a horrific way

March 21, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

LAHORE: In a gruesome act of murder, a man slaughtered his second wife on the grave of his first wife in Lahore -- Samaa reported.

According to reports, the man named Rasheed made plans to murder his second wife with the help of her two uncles and an aunt and chose a graveyard to commit the crime.

Police stated the man took his wife to the cemetery on the pretext of Fateha for his deceased first spouse. "Upon reaching her grave, they overpowered the woman and slaughtered her with a sharp dagger," police stated.

The authorities have arrested Rasheed and are searching for the rest of the culprits.

The murderer has no guilt over his crime and was planning to kill his mother-in-law as well. - SAMAA

Published in Pakistan

Story first published: 21st March 2017




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