Rain in Karachi: Blessing or Curse?

January 14, 2017
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By: Syeda Sarah Hasan

There is no hesitation in accepting that us, the people of Karachi were fervently waiting for winters. Prayers didn’t go unanswered, and the fear of not having to witness winters this year was put to an end. Karachiites got what they wanted, but at the cost of enduring a lot of distress.

Rain in Karachi brought the much awaited winters, but with strings attached. Due to continuous rainfall, several areas of the city have flooded, making it difficult to move around. Even public transport seems to be eradicated from the streets. Not just this, residents of Karachi are facing severe electricity breakdowns, putting their work schedule at rest.

In simple words, here is what we’re experiencing, a terrible mix-up of emotions. Being happy about the rain and winters and on the other hand being perturbed about the prevailing situation of the city.

Here is what the Karachiites tweeted

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Story first published: 14th January 2017




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