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Should we hope for oil fields in Pakistan?

SAMAA | - Posted: Mar 29, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Mar 29, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Should we hope for oil fields in Pakistan?

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that Pakistan may soon hit ‘jackpot’ in discovering a huge reserve of oil and gas. 

“Just pray that our hopes and expectations from the offshore drilling being carried out by the ExxonMobil-led consortium prove to be true,” he said.

Amber Shamsi, the host of SAMAA TV’s programme Sawaal, said that the premier’s announcement has left the citizens wondering. She said this is the eighteenth attempt to find oil in seas.

“Over the past 40 years, many politicians have given us the news of discovering minerals in Pakistan.”

While people are keeping their hopes high to hear good news, they are also worrying that before PM Khan finds the reserves, the price increase will leave people in a miserable situation.

She revealed that the government has decided to increase electricity prices from Rs2 to Rs2.5 per unit, and the Sui Northern Gas has already requested for a 135% increase in prices.

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  1. Mohammed Arif Khan (from South Africa)  March 30, 2019 12:35 am/ Reply

    Pakistan have oil,petrol and gas, just need to discover………..and when is discovered I request to Priminister IMRAN KHAN do nt get America or Birtish to take out and do nt signe long long terms contaract, A contract for
    any work for taking out OIl, Petrol<Gas etc should be for 5 years re-newable as needed………because these
    nations (American/Europians) they enter in the country in the name of assistant but in reality they enter to destroy
    the economic of the country and steal WE NEED TO BE PROUD and INDEPENDENT nation in the world Not
    depending on LOANS from enemies INSHA ALLAH………..May ALLAH GIVE IMRAN KHAN THE ABILITY TO

    • Khurram  April 1, 2019 10:33 pm/ Reply

      Places like Saudi Arabia are doing fine leveraging foreign help.

      Most people don’t work against you unless they see you as a threat. Or unless you take an adversarial stance towards them.

      Of course, Pakistan could invest more in the Chinese relationship, considering that they’ll likely be the main super power in 20 years.

  2. R C NAIK  March 30, 2019 4:42 pm/ Reply

    Exxon mobil is an American company Pakistan does not hav the resources Technological or financial to find and exploit its presumed oil/gas wealth.At this stage Pakistan has no choice but to use Western companies

  3. Haroon  March 31, 2019 7:38 am/ Reply

    @ Arif Khan – The British and America have the technology to explore and extract oil. Why not develop own technology at home if you have do much complaint???

    • Ranjay Pandey  April 1, 2019 7:07 pm/ Reply

      Petroleum industry doesn’t work in isolation. First you need to have quality p.HD in geology, geophysicist , geography doctrl. With p.HD in petroleum geography just to identify those places you have high chances of
      accumulation of finding hydrocarbon.
      Then come to role of civil engineering skills to fix platform ( rigs as is called ).A single mistake costs blow off. Means causing 1000 persons working on projects and loss of billions of $ and may cause spillovers for 100 years and simultaneously pollution and damage to fishing for 100 years. Even Chinese and indians are miles behind of expertise of exon, mobil , BP, Eni.
      And your people have started lecturing to your govt and policy makers.
      No my freinds you like it or hate it is stark reality.
      Ridiculing great power can please over your own people but ask you – can you do it own.
      Jai hind
      Note : I am an indian born chinese citizen settled in eiou

  4. Haris  April 1, 2019 3:53 am/ Reply

    There is no discovery ….. it’s all PM stories like the rest of his stories I too voted for IKNIAZI but is very disappointed with his government.

    • Tooba Nadeem  April 1, 2019 3:20 pm/ Reply

      Finding Asian largest oil reserves in Pakistan is the report of Exxon Mobil not a story of Imran Khan, Do you really thin Exxon Mobil telling a lie? Stop spreading hopeless comments. The problem is not with Imran Khan, The problem is with the team of Imran Khan and this corrupt democratic system.

  5. Irshad Kamal  April 1, 2019 3:14 pm/ Reply

    @Haris How can you say that there is no discovery? are you a govt official? or a worker at Exxon Mobil? Let me tell you. My Father worked for Eni for 4 years abroad and have much reliable connections with the officials of govt and eni. The report is based on truth that Pakistan can become self dependent in oil reserves soon!

  6. Mian J. Tariq  April 21, 2019 12:05 pm/ Reply

    We have been hearing about oil deposits in Pakistan for the last many years. The previous government announced of finding gold and silver deposits in the Chiniot region which proved to be fake. I really hope the news about finding the huge offshore hydrocarbon deposits in Pakistani waters is true. Surprisingly ExxonMobil and ENI has not made any official announcement regarding this massive oil deposit discovery. ExxonMobil is the worlds biggest oil company and very are anxious to hear good news from them.

  7. Anonymous  May 2, 2019 3:32 pm/ Reply

    Sardar Ahmecf Gul
    Their is confirm news of Gas and Oil in Khyber Pukhtun- Khawa a place between Bannu and Kohat named district karak
    Why dont we make efforts in karak.
    Coming to off shore drilling now that Asad Umar is no more as finance minister my hope of stucking oil is zero as other ministers are not interested.
    Our Prime minister is a busy person and my request is that either Mr Jahangir tareen or Mr Ali muhammad Khan should be made responsible, phir dhaik Khuda kia karta hai
    PTI should not worry about the Government as in my opinion IK can handle them alone with the help of COAS
    My good wishes for Pakistan.

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