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Is there another solution to the ‘anti-encroachment’ operation in Karachi?

January 26, 2019
The govt needs to think about how it's going to deal with the people's reactions, says Ali Haider  

In the battle against Karachi's encroachments, the residents are the ones who are suffering.

The host of SAMAA TV's programme Awaz, Ali Haider believes the little man is the most affected by the 'anti-encroachment' operation in Karachi.

Builders didn't follow the rules and the city's rulers didn't adhere to Karachi's master plan, but where does that leave the common man?

Most recently, wedding hall owners called for all halls across the city to be shut down in reaction to the demolition notice and who suffered the most in this? Those people who had saved for years for their children's weddings, answered Haider.

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When big buildings are going to be knocked down, the ones who will suffer are the residents who saved up to buy apartments, he said. Is it practically possible to tackle this problem in Karachi without the public suffering, he asked.

A prime example is that of Empress Market, where thousands were left unemployed after the anti-encroachment drive and the reaction we saw afterwards, he said.

The government needs to think about how to deal with the reaction to its operation, he said.

Encroachments should definitely be acted against, said Haider, but is there a solution to this problem that doesn't involve demolition and destruction?

We need to sit down and think about how we can solve this issue with the least amount of damage, he said.

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      Mehmooda  January 26, 2019 11:56 pm/ Reply

    An alternative plan to be ready first in ordee to compensate the loss of the common man who has invested his life time saving, oblivious of the fact that it is encroached land, Many residents have been deceived in this regard. The real culprits have sold, earned their profits and vanished into thin air. The residents are mostly victims and have nothing to do with encroachment. Hence, the original purchasers who have received allotment from sbca need to be investigated and taken to task. This is a very sensitive issue n must be dealt with very subtly. High rise on the same land can be used to accomodate these residents. Leaving people homeless can create restlessness and chaos in the city. After all, with the prevailing inflation, staying on rent is also unaffordable.

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