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Are lawmakers following through on their promises to the voters?

January 26, 2019
The host of SAMAA TV’s programme Awaz, Ali Haider, questions the role of our legislators

What is the real purpose of the Senate, provincial assemblies and National Assembly session?

The host of SAMAA TV’s programme Awaz, Ali Haider, has some valid points to make about the lack of meaningful legislation in the country.

Are the lawmakers fulfilling their duties to the public who have voted for them?

We see that the sessions are often a ruckus, said Haider, asking if millions were spent to call a session which turns out to be a fish market.

He talked about the high cost of holding assembly sessions saying that according to previous records, the expense for one day was around Rs25 million.

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Despite such a high investment, legislators, Haider said, continue to focus more on political point scoring and personal attacks instead of meaningful legislation.

He gave an example of the session in which discussion on the Sahiwal shooting took place. He said no one was on the same page. No one wanted to investigate how such an incident could be avoided in the future, he said.

He called for a discussion on serious issues which affects the common man.

“It is shocking and sad that such a platform is not being utilised how it should be,” he said.

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