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Prime Minister should think before he speaks, analysts advise Imran Khan

December 8 , 2018

AFP photo

Prime Minister Imran Khan should be aware that his statements could hurt the confidence of foreign investors and may destabilize the country’s political system, analysts have warned.

“The prime minister should think before he speaks,” said analyst Ansar Abbasi. “The government is its own biggest enemy.”

PM Khan in a recent interaction with senior journalists had said that, “It is quite likely that early elections are held in the country”.

Saleem Bukhari, a political analyst, believes that Imran Khan’s advisors and close aides are misguiding the prime minister.

“His advisers and aides are telling him that there is no other party in the country except for the PTI,” he said.

Mr Bukhari thinks that Imran Khan’s remarks about early elections “wasn’t a slip of the tongue” as described by some of his cabinet ministers.

The Prime Minister knows his party doesn’t have the required numbers to do any kind of legislation because it doesn’t have a majority in the Senate and Punjab assembly, Mr Bukhari added.

Ansar Abbasi appears to be in agreement with Saleem Bukhari.

“Imran Khan can do anything,” Abbasi said, adding that the prime minister is fortunate to have support from state institutions.

“The establishment should support every government,” Abbasi said.


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