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Selective accountability will not benefit Pakistan

November 16 , 2018

The whole process of accountability will become controversial if Mujahid Kamran’s claims are proven true, said senior anchorperson Haider Waheed.

Mujahid Kamran, the former Punjab University vice chancellor who was arrested by NAB last month and was granted bail by the Lahore High Court earlier this month, told SAMAA TV in an interview that the accountability bureau tortures people in custody.

“They torture people,” Kamran said. “I saw with my own eyes the torture marks on the body of a man named Haji Nadeem.” He said that Nadeem told him he was hanged by his arm and beaten with sticks.

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Haider Waheed said that NAB will lose its moral ground if it loses people’s trust. “It’s a slippery wicket.”

The anchorperson, who is also a lawyer, said that the evidence gathered through torture is not considered evidence anywhere in the world. “Selective accountability will not benefit Pakistan,” he said. Those in NAB’s custody can be considered the nation’s criminals, but they should be given due process, he added.

“It is not the matter of national security,” Waheed said, adding that NAB needs to regain the trust of people.


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