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Pakistan, US ties may improve if talks with Taliban bear fruit, says analyst

November 20 , 2018

The Pakistan-US relationship may improve in future if the talks between the US and Afghan Taliban bear fruit, says Moeed Yusuf.

“Unfortunately, there is a trust deficit,” Yusuf, an expert on Foreign affairs said. “Bilateral relations have not improved.”

US President Donald Trump had accused Pakistan of receiving billions of dollars from Pakistan and doing nothing in return.

“They were just one of many countries that take from the United States without giving anything in return,” Trump tweeted on November 19. “We paid Pakistan billions of dollars and never told us he [Osama bin Laden] was living there.”

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Prime Minister Imran Khan had responded to the Trump administration and said that no Pakistan involved in the World Trade Center bombing.

The prime minister said that Pakistan lost over 75,000 lives and suffered loss of billions of dollars after war on terror was launched.

Yousuf said that the Americans know that they can’t achieve their goals in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s help.

The analyst said that there is a progress on Afghan peace process because the US is now serious in resolving the conflict in Afghanistan.

“I had opposed the US decision to stop financial assistance to Pakistan,” he added. “Stopping assistance won’t improve ties with Pakistan.”

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However, he said that the US could restore coalition support or other fund if situation in Afghanistan is improved.

The analyst also advised Pakistan to be cautious with its relationship with the US. “America is the biggest export market for Pakistan.”


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