How to prevent radicalisation of society?

Photo: AFP

Analysts and human rights activists have urged the government and the state institutions to take urgent steps to stop the radicalization of the society.

Adnan Adil, an analyst, believes that there is a need to reform Pakistan’s education system. “We need to bring changes in our textbooks to stop the radicalization,” Adil said on SAMAA TV programme Khara Sach.

Jibran Nasir, a human rights activist, called on the political parties to develop a consensus over the issue of rising extremism in the country. “They need to draw a red line and focus on narrative building,” he said.

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They were discussing the country’s situation following the Supreme Court’s acquittal of Aasia Bibi.

On October 31, religious groups took to the streets to protest the Supreme Court acquittal of Aasia Bibi in a blasphemy case. The sit-ins ended on November 2, after the government agreed to initiate legal proceedings to place Bibi’s name on the Exit Control List.

Jibran Nasir appreciated the maturity of the opposition parties during the ongoing standoff between the government and protesters.

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“The PML-N and the PPP must be appreciated for not exploiting the issue,” he said. “They didn’t play dirty politics.”

The activist said that the whole world is looking at Pakistan. “They see a political party that is in the government, and another group that has a massive street force and is capable of paralysing the country.”

Nasir said that Pakistan is a modern democratic country, but what we teach our children in the seminaries doesn’t match our image. “We are teaching our children about Khilafah in the seminaries,” he added.

Adil sees the ongoing situation in the country as the failure of the country’s political parties. “Political parties have failed to set their priorities right.”

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The analyst said that there should be zero tolerance for anyone involved in violent activities.

Adil said the country needs to build a narrative.  “We have been talking about it for last 10 years but haven’t come up with anything.”