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It’s too early to bash the PTI, say analysts

October 10 , 2018

Some elements are overreacting against the PTI government. The ruling party should be given time to deliver, said analysts on SAMAA TV’s talk-show ‘Khara Sach’.

Speaking to anchor Mubashir Lucman, journalist Zia Shahid and analyst Hassan Nisar commented on the PTI government’s weak points that are inviting criticism from voters as well as political opponents.

“Has the PTI government committed any blunder or has it made a decision that triggered anarchy and chaos in Pakistan?” asked Shahid. “There is nothing like that. It is too early to be disappointed with the PTI government. We should be careful about overreacting,” he said.

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He said Punjab’s bureaucracy is loyal to the former PML-N government. “It is making governance hard for the PTI.”

The PTI government must expose and bring the corrupt mafia to justice to avoid criticism, the senior journalist suggested.

“The PTI government will completely lose its credibility if Asif Ali Zardari, Dr Asim, Sharjeel Memon and others are not punished,” he said in reply to a question.

Nisar was of the view that some mafias involved in looting the money and resources are reacting against the PTI government. He criticised the PTI’s ‘dream selling’.

“The PTI is still busy in dream selling. They must begin taking steps now, rather than making promises.”

He pointed to another ‘weak point’ of the ruling party. “They have failed to communicate with the masses like in the issue of the government’s 100-day performance. People should have been told that they wouldn’t see any drastic change in three months,” he said.

“PTI is being criticised for its lack of governance skills. It should revisit and improve its communication skills, otherwise the PML-N will continue to capitalise on this situation.”

To another question, Nisar said that Nawaz Sharif’s release is not the result of any deal.


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