Opinion: PTI in hot waters over Punjab CM nomination

PTI’s nomination of Sardar Usman Buzdar as Punjab chief minister has raised many eyebrows.

Agenda 360’ anchors Haider Waheed and Abdul Moiz Jaferii discussed the allegations about Buzdar and his political career.

On Friday, Imran Khan nominated the politician for the slot of Punjab chief minister, saying that he is the ‘perfect candidate’ for the office.

But reports surfaced that Buzdar was nominated in a case of six people’s murder 18 years ago. The case was settled after he paid the victim’s family blood money.

Buzdar belongs to Dera Ghazi Khan, a less-developed city in Punjab bordering Balochistan. For decades, DG Khan has been neglected by the government.

Buzdar is a tribal chief of his area. His father was elected MP twice, but his village is still without water, power and other basic facilities.

On the other hand, the politician owns houses, plots and agriculture land of worth millions of rupees.

“Imran Khan says Mr. Buzdar understands the issues of people in neglected areas, but it’s beyond our understanding. He is a sardar but he has done nothing for poor people so far like other traditional tribal chief,” Jaferii said.

“It has yet to be seen whether or not Imran Khan will review his decision,” Haider Waheed said.

In the programme, Lahore bureau chief Ahmed Waleed shared details of the 1998 murder FIR in which Buzdar and his father were nominated.

Speaking to SAMAA TV, Buzdar said the old case is unduly being highlighted. He denied paying the blood money.

“My name was included in the case by some of my political opponents, but the case was investigated and the court acquitted me,” he said.