Analysis: Is Nawaz Sharif the only rotten egg in Pakistan?

Is former prime minister Nawaz Sharif the only “thief” in the country?

According to Agenda 360 host Moiz Jaferii, the “powers that be” had decided that it was time for Nawaz to be held accountable.

“Nawaz Sharif’s family could not provide a money trail,” he said. “They made numerous blunders, which showed that something was fishy. However, Nawaz Sharif sahib has not faced all these hearings before [accountability court judge] Muhammad Bashir sahib because he is a thief – it’s because the powers that be decided that the time had come for Nawaz Sharif to be held accountable.”

Jaferii mentioned how PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari lied about his Surrey Palace until 2004 when he admitted that he owned the property. “What happened after that?” he said. “He became the president of the country. Rehman Malik was an inspector with the FIA. His salary at that time would be Rs30,000. He owns a property in London. He was a senator and he became our interior minister.”

The Agenda 360 host said that our courts have found Axact CEO Shoaib Sheikh guilty. “He does not only own a TV channel,” he said. “He uses us to further his narrative because he is capable of paying our salaries. In this country, the biggest pirates are in the real estate sector – we can’t even report on them. They are too big to talk about. Nawaz Sharif was not the only thief in this country. His theft became too hard to ignore because he was gaining too much power and his narrative was crossing the red line.”

According to him, the time had come to call him out on his theft. “We should consider all of this when we say that he has two very spoilt children, one of whom does not even read anything before giving an interview to Tim Sebastian,” he said. “He does not even know which house he lives in – 16 or 16A. But at least his children can say that we owned the steel mills. What can Rehman Malik say? What can Shoaib Sheikh sahib say?”

Jaferii said he can take many names. “Babar Awan’s name no longer has the title of doctor,” he said. “Have you wondered why? Can one return their doctorate degree? Aamir Liaquat Hussain sahib’s name does not have the title of doctor any more. Why?”

The Agenda 360 host said one should definitely call Nawaz a thief. “However, you must consider that the rest of them are not returning from an umrah either,” he said. “Some of them are even electoral candidates. I named the two PTI men because they are both electoral candidates. The criteria of sadiq and ameen are different for them. Nawaz Sharif was rightly declared not sadiq and ameen. But this should not stop at just him.”