How many seats will the PML-N and PTI bag in Lahore?

June 21, 2018

Lahore has always taken centre stage on PML-N’s priority list of infrastructure. What are the party’s chances of retaining its popularity in the city?

There are 14 seats up for grabs in the election in Lahore. Awaz host Shahzad Iqbal asked analysts Adnan Adil and Hafeezullah Niazi about their predictions for the city.

“In my opinion, there are three to four seats that the PTI has an edge on,” said Adil. “PML-N is stronger on the remaining.” There is a voter turnout of 150,000 in each constituency of Lahore. Adil said that whoever bags 80,000 to 90,000 votes has a higher chance of winning.

Analyst Niazi said it will be a tough election. “Imran Khan has his seat because of the impact of his towering personality,” he said.

The election is on July 25.

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