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Who am I in the world?

April 23, 2018

By Zara Maqbool

What is my attitude towards the world?

I truly feel that people either have a willing or a willful attitude towards the world. We make a choice consciously or unconsciously at some point of time as to how will we see the world. This can be triggered by external factors in our life which is the role of our parents, interpersonal dynamics with siblings or any significant event in life like death of a closed member or divorce and so on. All these define our attitude towards life. A willing person will allow the world to be what it is. And, no matter what it is, he will agree to participate in the world. He will work on his self-growth and yet not alienate the world around him. He will mindfully decide on an action that the situation calls for; decide to do something that is effective and be ready to take action in the moment. A willful person on the other hand will forget life. He will deny it and refuse to be a part of it.  He will sit on his hands when the situation requires some action by giving up and do the opposite of what works. There is also a need to “fix” every situation.

Turning the mind

If you have discovered that you are one of those passive people who wait for life to happen to them. Who do not believe in having a teleological attitude towards life and judge and criticize themselves at the same time there is hope! Our mind is not as ‘fixed’ as we have been told and we can actually turn our mind towards more positive thoughts and translate those thoughts into actions. You want to turn the mind, write yourself a note. Put it somewhere in your house.  Put it on the refrigerator.  All you have to write is ‘Turn the Mind’. The good news is if you practice turning the mind towards acceptance, eventually you’ll practice acceptance more often. And you start thinking more willing thoughts it will turn those thoughts in a belief system.

Is it too late?

Its never too late and those who tell you that? You need to shut them out. Start today. If you are passively waiting for lady luck to come knocking on your door, she ain’t coming dude! Get up and enjoy the power of now. Grab whatever little ray of positivity that you can and participate in it. Smile at a beggar and receive one back and see how it feels. Start taking a baby step forward and it wont be long before you start running on your feet!


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