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Third time’s a charm

February 27 , 2018

By Zara Maqbool

 Imran Khan’s marriage with Bushra Maneka is the talk of the whole country and the wedding is being discussed on media as well but it is the social media which gives you an idea of how badly people are affected by Khan’s third marriage. The news apparently broke the Internet. Wow! This information really made me thinking what is it about IK’s third marriage that has driven us all to frenzy. There is a whole range of emotions that we are all feeling. Anger, joy, shock, amusement, indifference and what not have been felt in full force. More than the emotions what I want to explore is that what are these reactions about? Is it because he got married for the third time or because he married a lady who was already married? Or because he married someone who was covered head to toe and we could not see her face. Or that he is a public figure and many want to see him as the leader of this country and this is an act of irresponsibility. Or that he married her for the wrong reasons.

If it’s the first scenario where people are upset because their favorite Khan married for the third time, it’s likely that when we idealize someone we want them to succeed in everything they do. Being such a popular public figure we want a fairytale. We got it when he married Jemima and we saw two successful good looking people leading a life together. We were heartbroken when she left and we blamed her for not supporting our Khan. Reham although was met with a lot of protests still warmed our hearts with her pretty face and we hoped this was a match made in heaven. When the divorce took place we consoled ourselves by believing that Reham was a spy who fooled our honest hearted Pathan. But this time when he marries again we are disappointed. The fairytale aint happening so its time to stop eating the popcorn and go home.

If its not this then are we reacting because he married a woman who was already married and have children and unlike Reham we think chose to end that marriage for Khan. Is the idea of a woman wanting to leave her husband because she falls for another really so shocking and immoral? A man uses this excuse every now and then to get married again but a woman? Not acceptable!

Is it possible we are uncomfortable with a man who was a playboy once and is still a handsome charming person getting married to someone whose face we couldn’t see just too bizarre to digest. It might feel like that she is rubbing her spirituality in our faces or is the discomfort of seeing two poles apart integrating now? Or simply that those of us who call ourselves the liberals cannot see this burqa clad woman next to a man like Imran khan. Its shakes us to see that he can actually fall for a woman like Jemima and then a woman who is totally opposite like Bushra. But then the most popular belief is that he married her because that will ensure he wins the elections and if that’s the case PTI supporters should take pride in Khan’s dedication to the party and the country.

Also even though Islam allows 4 marriages even at the same time I think some of us don’t approve of this and many people see him as an impulsive erratic man and a failed marriage or should I say marriages make us doubt his capability as a leader. “Khud ka ghar nahin chala sakta mulk kiya khaak chalaye ga.”




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  1. Babara Ashraf   February 28, 2018 2:35 pm/ Reply

    A leader needs to have certain capabilities including ability to wisely select his aides and supporters. Now political and life partner cannot be compared but general ability to assess a potential friend/aide/supporter/wife is a common requirement, otherwise the leader is highly vulnerable to exploitation. I hope his marriage works this time, otherwise there is something wrong somewhere, making him incapable of the position that he is aiming for. That is just my personal view.

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