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‘Love is not only valentines, love is all-the-time’

February 14, 2018

By Afshan Zahra

Love is commitment. Love is promise. It is both a need and a desire.

Love is care. Love is affection. It forgets to bring you presents on your birthdays but brings you your favorite fruit on the way back from a tiring day. Love forgets your anniversary date but it never forgets your appointment with doctor. Love rarely brings you gifts and flowers but never forgets to get you a new mobile card as soon as it ends.

Love keeps secrets. It knows your deepest secrets and darkest days yet goes without judging you. It takes away all your fears and encourages you to overcome your shortcomings. It lets you live your crazy dreams and paves ways for you to achieve them.

Love is anger. Love is fight. It makes you happy and also unhappy. It makes you laugh and also cry. It makes you apologize and repent over silly little things. It tries you at times with tests. It makes you experience the worst fights of your life in the night and the next morning shares yummylicious nashta of channa paratha and halwa poori with you.

Love is power. Love is weakness. It gives you strength to face the world with courage but also weakens you to cry yourself to bed. It threatens to leave you at times, but the very next moment, asks you to stick by their side through thick and thin.

Love is understanding. It understands your fears and weaknesses and never ridicules you over them. It never taunts you over things you can’t do rather it lends you a helping hand. It does all efforts to make you feel better in case your mood is not well. It feels your grief and tries to turn it into joy. It prioritizes you over and above everything.

Love is forgiving. Love is forgetful. It forgives and forgets and never reminds you of your mistakes or blunders to hurt you. It forgets all the bad happenings and fights and is always ready to embrace you. It never taunts you over your shortcomings and helps you overcome them in every way.

Love is cute and adorable. It teases you to stop you from sleeping early at night but never wakes you up from your deep slumber. It laughs heartily over your lame jokes and stories just to make you feel good. It gets deeply affected by your mood swings. It feels bad when somebody scolds you or screams over you. It feels hurt when you are hurt. It makes fun of you in person but never lets you down in public. When short of money, it skips lunch just to get you your favorite black pant.

Love is perfectly imperfect. It makes you feel beautiful despite your acne and chin hair. It makes you feel fair despite your dark complexion. It changes your thoughts about beauty and makes you fall in love with yourself. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem and never embarrasses you over your looks and thoughts.

Love is honest. Love is loyal. It never hides anything and is very open about everything. It never clears its search history on Facebook nor does it deletes WhatsApp messages. It stays loyal to you in your presence and your absence. It never thinks of deceiving you or cheating over you. It stays by your side despite all ups and downs.

Love is a bed of roses. Also it is a path full of thorns.

Love is not only valentines. Love is all the time.


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  1. Avatar
    Asif Alam   March 16, 2018 2:59 pm/ Reply

    Beautiful story, and truly agreed…

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