India: Barking up the wrong tree

January 5, 2018
Maemuna Sadaf

By Maemuna Sadaf

On humanitarian grounds, Pakistan arranged a meeting of Kalbushan Yadav with his family. After this meeting, India started criticizing this act of Benedict. Indian politicians are not playing with a full deck. India criticized this meeting, as media was not allowed in it. It was also claimed that Kalbushan was beaten badly. One should remember Kalbushan was not an ordinary criminal.

He has been captured by Pakistan’s security agencies while spying for India. He confessed that he was involved in killings of hundreds of Pakistanis. India also criticized that Kalbushan’s family met him behind the mirror and there was no direct contact.  It is common sense that a criminal who remained head of secret agency’s mission can be murdered by giving him any fatal capsule etc. On the other hand, it was found lately that Kalbushan’s wife had some detective or sound recording device in her shoes.

This meeting was arranged as a goodwill gesture to India. It shows softer image of Pakistan to the world. Pakistan also mentioned that this was not the last meeting.

The question arises here that what was the need of Kalbushan’s meeting.  The answer to this question is Pakistan’s goodwill and a blessing in disguise. This meeting was arranged on humanitarian ground. It is also a small move to break the diplomatic deadlock. This was also answer to the India’s pleading to International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Right after this meeting, Indian force violated the International Cease fire plan. Firing from Indian forces broke on Line of Control (LOC).

On Tuesday 26 Dec, Indian forces started firing in Rakh Chikri sector of the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir resulting in martyrdom of three Pakistani soldiers. Rakh Chikri sector is 185 Kilometer south west of Srinagar City. On the other hand, India media, speaking of the devil, started portraying this violation as a surgical strike being conducted by Indian Army. Indian media started claiming that Indian troops have crossed LOC in Rakh Chikri sector to attack Pakistani troops. This is merely a continuation of India’s self defeating projection to satisfy Indian Audience.

The spokesperson of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) clearly rejected claims of Indian media by saying, “No Indian solider crossed over Line of control’. Pakistani soldiers are martyred due a blast of improvised Explosive Device. Heavy gun fire was traded after the blast. Critics termed Indian media’s claims as childish, counterfeit and cooked by fools.

Writing more, about the reasons why Indian troops cannot cross LOC in Rakh Chikri sector are mentioned below.

Firstly, surgical strike in this sector is practically impossible because this is heavily militarized area. Pakistan Army is closely watching each and every single movement there. Heavy security arrangements make this area inaccessible for intruders. Pakistan Army is considered as world’s strongest armies and fully equipped with advanced arms. Pakistan Army cannot allow troops of other counties to conduct surgical strike. Indian drone was also shot down in recent months.

Secondly, surgical strikes are conducted under special circumstances. Some very strategic goals are always high in such operations. The surgical strikes been claimed by Indian media hold no strategic goal.  On the other hand, Rakh Chikri area is geographically a difficult terrain. Especially, in the ongoing week weather conditions are acute in this area. Atmospheric temperature in this area remained minus degrees. In this acute weather, no foreign troops can enter the said area.

Concluding more, the skirmishes have led to killings of troops and civilians of both sides. Being neighbors, sharing the longest boundary lines both of countries can promote trade for the betterment of their public. India should change its behavior of being born enemy. Pakistan government, army and public are on the same page that if India violates international borders, Pakistan army will safeguard its ground and answer them. India should remember that he cannot cut the mustard regarding Pakistan.