A letter-from APS martyrs to the nation

December 15, 2017
Sadia Batool

By Syed Sadia

Dear nation,

We remember the media coverage our coffins received, the relaying of the stories of crying mothers and restless fathers and the special songs sung in our memory; we do remember the long vacation to schools due to security reasons and we can still recall the noise made by people to ensure security of schools, we were alive to the fact that many security guards were made to stand in front of schools, a number of cameras were installed in all the schools.

The commotion created by state, nation and media gave us a hope, a hope that our coffins would be the last coffins shouldered by the helpless parents, our dead bodies would be the last bodies collected by the parents who were waiting for our arrival at lunch and after this carnage there would be no killing of innocent children, no more death would be offered to the dreams of youngsters and no more lifelong pain would be granted to the mothers for sending their children to read and write.

Dear nation, time passed on, our red stained green sweater, our cries and excruciating pain didn’t remain the hot issue, the security arrangements at school became a formality and putting an end to violence turned out to be a political promise.

My nation, the soothing winds of Janna are calm enough to make us forget the pain of iron bullets, the serenity and peace of heaven has healed our bleeding wounds but we cannot bear the cries and tears of our mother and the pain of our father, we cannot forget the dreams of our parents they seen for us, though we are at peace our parents are not.

Nothing has been done to provide them the ultimate justice they want, we may believe the master minds of our killing have been killed but what about the terrorists flourishing in Pakistan like mushrooms in hot, moist environments. The shock our death gave to the nation made us believe that such a rigorous action would be taken against militants that nation would never suffer this type of shock again but we were wrong.

Some days back we met the martyrs of Quetta carnage, martyred on 25th October 2016 in police training institute, they were new there. we recognized them from the flags on their coffins and the blood on their shirts, the story they narrated made us all sad.They were also killed like us; they were also unarmed like us; they were also expecting a bright future because they just have completed their training; their security was also the responsibility of state as was our’s.

However, we felt their pain was a little more than we suffered, on being inquired they told ‘we lost the life, dreams and hope just like you, but neither the media coverage highlighted our pains nor the state came forward to probe the case, no all parties conference was conducted to find a solution to fight this menace eating away the peace of Balochistan; moreover, no ambulance was provided to send our bodies home, our death was as worthless as our life was’.

The pain was greater dear nation, we could not console the martyrs of Quetta carnage because we did not hear any promises from the leaders as were made on our death. We also met the martyrs of  Bacha Khan University  and  Agricultural Institute Peshawar; the pain was common. Dear nation, have you become insensible to the killings in the school and training institute, have you become unresponsive to the cries and sorrows of people being slaughtered and maimed. You overlook the number of dreams blown out every moment, you don’t care for the lives ruthlessly ended every day, oh innocent people, why you forget flames are coming your homes, the next victims are your little sons and daughters.

We don’t want you to suffer like us; we don’t want you to collect the blood stained belongings of your child from school and search his dead body among hundreds of bodies of his fellows; we don’t want you to lose the last hopes of your life but you people yourselves don’t think about the pain you probably can suffer. You people don’t think about the nights our parents remain sleepless, you seriously don’t think, if you had thought your children in Quetta wouldn’t meet the death the way we met, they would not suffer the unjust death like we did but you did not think.

Dear nation, you paid us tributes on the day of 16th December, what worth the tributes have when you do not even understand our pain, when you cannot even imagine the pain our parents are suffering; of what value the tribute is when it is not giving us justice. How can we be satisfied when we see more youngsters coming to us with bloodied shirts, with bleeding wounds and with unfulfilled dreams.

Dear nation, your mourning for us only on the day of Dec 16 is not enough to make our souls happy, we want you to understand the enemy’s plan; we want you to be aware of the dangers your child can face; we want you to prepare yourself to eliminate your enemy, so that you don’t have to carry the coffins of those whom you want to be your support in old age.

The best tribute to us could be your security plans for schools and training institutes, so that we did not have to feel the pain of Quetta carnage but you disregarded the gravity of situation. Your disregard did nothing good but increased the number of souls who can’t bear the cries of their parents but are helpless. My dear nation, we don’t need just songs and functions to be happy, if you seriously want us to be happy please don’t send us any more bleeding, mutilated youngsters; we cannot bear the pain of any more broken dreams.

Yours loving

Martyrs of APS