Increasing suicides among young Pakistanis

November 7, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

By Muniba Mahmood

Parents need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the changing behavior of young children so that they can protect their loved ones.

Recently, Bahawalpur’s University students M. Awais and Anoosha Mushtaq shot themselves in a hotel room after their families refused to fulfill their desire of getting married. Few weeks back, a young NUST graduate, 24-year-old Aizaz ended his journey of life due to unemployment. He didn’t get the appropriate job since a year.

In Pakistan, Suicides statistics do not compile on National level nor any formal report sends to WHO so, there is no authentic report on the ratio of suicidal attempts in Pakistan. On the other side, on every other day, a new story becomes the part of media that clearly shows that there must be an alarming increase in the suicide rates in Pakistan.

Attempted suicide among young ones is a serious problem. The reason may be the societal pressure, depression, lack of self-confidence, poverty, the burden of responsibilities, teenage love, relationship problems with family and friends and many others like that. This quick succession of committing suicide by young teenagers left us with no words, but a feeling of great grief and sorrow. It is a high time to seriously think about the reasons and save our energetic future lives.

Youth is the asset for any nation and are the source of pride and success for any country. They have the power and ability to change the world. They have the greater influence on the society than the older ones. However, what happened if the things will go contrast to all these? If the youth of any country indulges themselves in bad activities and continuously shows irresponsible behavior, when they actually don’t realize the purpose of their lives, when they become the source of embarrassment than pride? Who is responsible for this attitude? Either the parents; who are not giving enough time to their children or the teachers; who are not capable enough to guide the right path to them?

Somewhere the reason may be the technological advancement or on the other side, it would be because of the bad company of friends. Whatever the reason, it is the great need of time to stop these suicide acts immediately.

Teenage is considered as the best part of life but becomes the worst, if it is not taken seriously. It is that stage of life where innocence is mixed with the little foolishness. Where the little mistake can ruin anyone’s life and little good work helps any person to shine. They need proper guidance and quality time from their elders in taking life’s decisions. The negligence from the elders gives horrible result in the end.

It is the reality that life is full of ups and downs. Every person has his own sets of problems. But it is our responsibility to make our younger generation more brave and strong both physically and mentally. The death is not the solution to any problem, we will have to teach our children from an initial stage that how to fight with the problems. Try to understand the problems and mental state of your children, empathize with their feelings, thoughts, and desires. Bring some positivity in their lives. Make the children optimistic; show them the brightness of their future. Ensure them that working hard and frequent attempts are the key to success.

If you are concerned about your loved ones, do not take chances with their lives. Parents, school personnel, peers, and relatives need to know the warning signs of suicides like increasing aggressiveness and irritability, extended unhappiness and sudden withdrawal from family and friends and what steps to take when these signs are present.

Blogger is a professional MBA graduate and a passionate writer