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Karachi knife attacker …an unsolved ‘mystery’

October 14, 2017
Karachi knife attacker …an unsolved ‘mystery’

By Farah Jamil

‘Knife attack’ – a trending term nowadays. This does not seem to be horrible when you are just sitting on your couch and tuning into different news channels but going out of home every day and crossing the same area may sound a bit dangerous. Mystery continues to surround the attacker in the metropolis, who has managed to escape even after 13 knife attacks in the past 15 days.

The knife attacks on women in Karachi started from Gulistan-e-Jauhar, when it was reported that an unidentified person is stabbing women with a pointed object, usually in the same spot on their bodies. The initial cases were reported at the same hospital in the area, Darul Sehat. After stabbing over 13 females in Karachi, all within a span of one month, fear ripples across the metropolis as the attacker is still at large. The university students expressed fear as well while talking about that psycho culprit that is still at large. According to them, the knife attacker is sparking fear and panic among women and the area residents.

Aniqa Zainab, student of Mass Communication department said, “Fear increases with every single biker that pass across the streets. This is the same feeling as mine and so do my class mates as we are the students of Karachi university and the only way to get our righteously education ‘complete’ is to cross that road or way and there are thousands of like us.”

Hania Javed , student from the department of International Relations said, “ Our parents are so concerned that they don’t feel comfortable sending us to the bus stops alone.” The police have deployed personnel from its specialized cells and a heavy contingent across the area to solve the mystery of knife attacks in the city, but even after 15 days, the accused remains at large. Another student of NED University Sana Khan clued, “The only concern is now we do not feel safe anymore, even with loads of police and security, this is a harsh reality to accept that they have failed to overcome this situation.”

While referring to the attacker, one more student of KU said that the attacker seems to be suffering from a psychological disorder. “Normal people do not commit such acts,” she added. Namra Aftab – final year student of Mass Communication shared her views and showed disappointment towards the failure of security officials, “I think such incidents in a city like Karachi are quite depressing. It just disappoints you make you feel sad especially for those people who have been living here for many years. It’s actually shows the failure in our police who were not able to control the attacks that’s why after Jauhar, the attacker managed to reach the Gulshan e iqbal and university road.”

The police are now under immense pressure to nab the person. According to recent reports, the IG has taken force from specialized task forces into the loop.

However, Karachi police said they have arrested a man identified as Shehzad, who is a friend of Waseem. Waseem, a man allegedly involved in knife attacks on women in Sahiwal and Chichawatni during 2015 and 2016 has been missing from his village, 86/6-R, for the last five months, his family said. Police quoted Shehzad as saying that Waseem was in Karachi when the attacks were taking place in the metropolis. If Waseem is the real culprit, then we hope for some positivity in the case, otherwise the security officials needs to be more alert.

According to the police officials, after Karachi, the first incident of its kind has been reported in Lahore also as a woman suffered injuries. This clearly shows that the culprit is now rooting in Punjab’s cities also. The victim told that she was on a morning walk when an unidentified man riding a motorbike suddenly attacked her with a knife.

It’s a mystery which remained unsolved after more than 13 cases being reported in the city. The fact is that Karachi needs at least four times the number of policemen on its streets than it currently has. Now, the issue needs to be resolved immediately.


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