In Pakistan, girls are boxing for their rights

August 28, 2017

By: Muhammad Taha Tariq

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it is often difficult for girls to maintain the same education as boys or to practice the same sport. In addition, they are often victims of domestic violence.

It’s not easy being a woman in the society of Pakistan. In the often tightly patriarchal society, women and girls can be troubled into strict, inferior roles that can prevent them from going to school, deciding if they want to marry, or worse.

Behind the walls in the south of Karachi,  a small and growing group of Pakistani girls are stepping out of their traditional roles, there is something quite unusual for Pakistan: boxing girls. Right, left, right, right, left, right – again and again the little gloves strike into the unyielding leather of the punching bags. About a dozen of them come here after school to train strokes, hooks, and swingers. Girls between the ages of eight and 17 have great dreams.

Urodsch Kambrani, daughter of coach Mohammad Yunas Kambrani: “I’m 15, I’ve been training since my childhood. In the beginning at home, which was however very irregular. With a bit of luck, I will be part of the national team and can box internationally. ”

In the Muslim society of Pakistan, it is not easy for the young women to pursue their sport. Not only do many families reject boxing women, but the Taliban, which is active in parts of Pakistan, also threaten women who live un-Islamic in their eyes.

Mohammad Yunas Kambrani founded the club years ago because he was touched when a girl came to him and asked: “Why girls should not box and No one teaches us how to defend ourselves,”

For a few months, the eleven girls are now training their jabs, hooks, and straights almost every day. “I want to become an international boxer,” says 15-year-old Urooj, Qambrani’s daughter, “I want to make Pakistan’s name famous.”

I am very happy to see them doing had-work for their country and dreams are bigger than our broken heart. Every day we have to face so many difficulties but after every obstacle, there is something special for you.