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A fine dining experience

July 21, 2017


By: Filza Jawad Hai

The weather has been extremely unpredictable these days because of unexpected rain, which has changed the overall mood of the people in Karachi. Just a few drops of rain and everyone pulls their car out to enjoy this lovely weather and satiate their ‘Barish cravings’.

Last week while crossing khadda market I came across Rowtisserie. The next thing that came to my mind was ‘there can’t be a better way to celebrate this weather than a perfect row meal’. Located on the 14th street, off Khayaban-e-Shamsheer is this small cozy restaurant, made in simple and homely fashion, with an accommodation of not more than 20 persons. The rustic interior of the space is so comforting, that one can sit for hours and chat with friends and family in their personal space.

After hearing all the hype about how Rowtisserie’s chicken is better and more superior than Nandos flamed grilled chicken, I thought of giving it a try. There were options of how do I want my chicken cooked, either flame grilled or Rotisserie style and an option in pita bread and a sideline. I chose Flame grilled chicken with brown pita and potato gratin. With my dish served nice and hot my first response upon looking at my dish was this chicken doesn’t look like Nandos chicken at all and it also tasted way different than the Peri Peri Chicken. If you don’t compare it with Nandos Peri Peri chicken, Row’s chicken is very different and delicious on its own. The earthy flavor of cumin has depth and a very strong base note which made the dish taste warm and musky. The brown pita served in the meal was the highlight of the dish. It’s probably something you would love to replace with chapattis in your daily meals and for those who haven’t tasted a great brown pita bread ever please do taste Rowtisserie’s, you will love it. Potato gratin was not too bad either, you could taste the cheese and potatoes simultaneously in every bite.


Besides that, we also ordered Hummus as a starter, which is not served with pita, so we had to order it separately. Their Hummus is legit, it tastes exactly how an authentic Middle Eastern Hummus should taste. A well balance of tahini and lemon garlic acidity, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, chickpeas, paprika and coriander on the top. Absolutely smashing.


Their Club Sandwich was just as fresh and amazing as it has always been. It has completely ruled all the club sandwiches in Karachi. Although very simply made but the choice of ingredients has been so great that they go well together. Its composed of fresh white or brown bread, succulent roast beef slices, shredded chicken mayo, fluffy omelet, crunchy lettuce and cucumbers, and juicy tomato. The Sandwich is accompanied by Row fries and their ultimate garlic and Row sauce.


Overall experience and service was 8/10. The staff and service was a tad bit slow but our waiter was sweet enough to make sure we left the place as happy customers.


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