U.N. silence on Kashmir issue

April 19, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

Kashmiri protesters shout pro-freedom slogans during a protest march in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. Kashmir has been under a security lockdown and curfew since the killing of a popular rebel commander on July 8, 2016, sparked some of the largest protests against Indian rule in recent years. (AP Photo/Mukhtar Khan)

By: Maemuna Sadaf

U.N was made in 1942 in World War II when 26 countries marked a settlement of holding hands in war against the others. This arrangement was marked after the endeavors of U.S president Roosevelt. Later on more countries have joined lastly in 1945 this association was formally made.

Kashmir is drawn out uncertain issue. Truth is told this is the most established questioned issue. Kashmiri individuals are enduring under state fear based oppression of India. India has sent 5 lac armed force in this little zone .Kashmiri individuals are battling for their flexibility unarmed. As of late India has forced curfew around there since last 4 months. In this curfew Indian armed force has crossed every one of their limits of state fear mongering. Little children even ladies are not sheltered from cruelty of Indian strengths.

The historical backdrop of this since quite a while ago attached debate backpedals to the period of 1948. At the point when Hindu leader of Kashmir set off a developed of Indian troops in the region.


Pakistan and India went to war for first time in 1948 on Kashmir. The war between the two nations has begun as tribesmen from Pakistan and formal Indian troops entered in Kashmir. Amid this war India took this issue in United Nations asserting that Pakistani tribesmen ought to be cleared from Kashmir and U.N ought to assume her part in settlement of the issue. The U.N handled a truce in 1949. The truce line is named as Line of Control. It was a result of shared assent by India and Pakistan that the U N Security Council and UN commission for India and Pakistan passed a few resolutions on Kashmir in the years taking after 1948. A different commission of five nations was made and drew up a determination requiring a submission to choose eventual fate of Kashmir as per the will of Kashmiri individuals. It was chosen that A plebiscite will be held when it should be found by the Commission that the truce and détente plans put forward in Parts I and II of the Commission`s determination of 13 August 1948 have been done and courses of action for the plebiscite have been finished.


However, no such choice has been done uninhibitedly. In spite of the fact that India made a dramatization of decisions in Kashmir yet Kashmiri individuals boycotted that race and chose head administrator. Indeed, even after this dramatization of decisions India has not pulled back her armed force troops from Kashmir. As the days are going by India is attempting to smother Kashmir opportunity development. Indian troops have crossed every one of the points of confinement in their savagery. As of late forced curfew Indian troops are executing adolescents while bringing them out from houses. Independent of the cooperation in flexibility development or not the Kashmiri youth is casualty of state fear based oppression they are slaughtered, buck skinned, Kashmiri ladies are assaulted, children are killed, and nobody is spared from Indian armed force while carrying on with his life in Kashmir. The general population of this little land is living hopeless lives, battling for opportunity unarmed with the armed force of completely equipped faculty. The conviction of this development is spare the eras of Kashmiri Muslims from abusing, foul play and remorselessness of Indian armed force. Kashmiri Muslims can’t live under summon of India, and Indian troops. Indeed, even after the psychological oppressor assault in Uri area India is attempting to pull back the issue of Kashmir from UN by saying this provincial question amongst Pakistan and India and it ought to be settled on local premise not globally.

Not withstanding every one of the strategies India is not fruitful in stifling this flexibility development yet. No such opportunity development can be stifled with pitilessness and homicides.

UN ought to intercede for usage of her resolutions and help individuals of Kashmir to choose their future. Indeed, even UN has not pressurized India enough to pull back curfew from the Kashmir. UN ought to direct a submission under her watch in possessed Kashmir. Passing resolutions and basically doing nothing is insufficient for arrangement of this delayed uncertain issue of Kashmir.