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Who is responsible?

SAMAA | - Posted: Feb 21, 2017 | Last Updated: 3 years ago
Posted: Feb 21, 2017 | Last Updated: 3 years ago
Who is responsible?
muslim militants

By: Samira Zafar

If we talk about peace and security, the world is divided into two parts where in one part a man wakes up and learns that his kids are in school while his wife has left for shopping. He freshens up to go out for his work. He doesn’t have to worry about not being able to see his kids or wife again.  On the other hand, in the other part a man wakes up early  to drop his kids to school and wife at mall and deep down he is scared that this might be the last time he is seeing them breathing or they are seeing him alive.

The biggest incident of terrorism in New York City and Pentagon in 9/11, has changed the world into another situation.  Taliban was much active during the last two decades and it not would be wrong to say that after inflowing of US militant in Afghanistan, a crooked situation has also started in Pakistan by these extremists. Attacks on mosques, minorities’ worship places and religious gatherings are enough examples of terrorist activities in Pakistan and it causes defamation all over the world. The APS attack is the worse example of terrorism and failure of political policies in Pakistan.  On the other side, conflicts and violence in Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Yemen and Kashmir are actually the cause of terrorism and  we all know that this terrorism is supported and funded by international agencies, who do not want to see a stable and peaceful situation in those states.

There are different thoughts and theories that exist about terrorism and there can be different triggering factors to it. Terrorism is not an act but a result of an unbalanced society, where a group of individuals do not have faith in the law and order. Terrorists actually agitate the society by their criminal acts and draw people’s attention towards them. Often terrorism makes its presence because of a conflict with political agencies and differences of religious point of views.  An individual’s involvement in a violent act which is dangerous to human lives is actually an act of terrorism. Terrorism does not only mean to kill or bomb but  spreading fear and terror to upset the peaceful situation in a state is also an act of terrorism.

A terrorist targets  to build up the pressure on a third party by hurting  innocent lives, just like hijacking a craft to assert their demands by government. They use media as a powerful resource to get the attention of political agents.   A group of terrorists commend acts of violence to influence government decisions, discourage foreign investment and to obtain international recognition through media and other resources. Other reasons of violence is to free their prisoners, to satisfy reprisal, to annoy and weaken the abhor government policies.

These terrorists are brain washed by few opportunists to work as a puppet for them and the unnecessary emotional rituals are the string to make these puppets move. Terrorism, because of religious conviction conflict usually attacks on minorities. A terrorist doesn’t think that the is doing an unlawful act by being a follower of a precise theory, trying to prove this as a Jihad or revolution.  Even for the last four decades, Asian region and other countries are facing terrorism, somewhere in the name of jihad or because of political adverse situation. After every incident the government just intervenes with condolences and announces some funds to a victim’s family. There is no proper and definite solution found.

Central government blames provincial government, while provincial government blames city government. It seems that everyone just wants to get rid of their responsibilities and do the blame game. The Government is responsible for maintaining peace and security in the state but they form quick opinions, they are reactive.  They react rather than act. They need to take strong actions to kill the terrorism and to end the panic-filled situation so that no innocent lives are  further lost.



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