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For the love of sweet, “Karamel” is a must go

February 28, 2017


Since Karamel had generated hype these past few days, I thought of giving it a try. Little did I know that a place could make such spectacular desserts. Karamel definitely knows how to put together a good quality dessert, every item on the menu was worth going back for. Their brownies, cookies and cookie cupcakes were legit.

Bought a box of two each: cookie dough fudge brownies, cookies and cookie cupcake. It’s absolutely undebatable to say that any other place does cookies based desserts better than Karamel.

The very first bite of fudge brownies left me speechless, it was so soft and moist from inside and hard and chewy from the outside. A balanced flavor of Fudge and gooey chocolate with just the right amount of sweetness added.

After the tantalizing taste of brownies, I couldn’t resist trying out the cookie cupcake. It was like a craving come true. Such an intense and indulgent cookie dough. The chocolate to caramel to cookie ratio was perfect, nothing overwhelmingly sweet or overpowering the other flavor, which usually happens with the caramel based desserts without any nuts.


We don’t think it’s possible to have too much of something good, but if it is, then we’ll be blown away by this utterly delicious Cookie. The Cookies were center filled with chocolate that oozed out after every bite. It had a rich, deep and almost dark chocolate quality, which kept the cookies super moist from inside. Karamel has unleashed very simple yet effective items like their cookies, which were treats of unbeatable proportion.


If you want to know how awesome these items have been, you must try them out. The cost is slightly on the higher side but every penny is worth paying as the quality and quantity of ingredients have not been compromised. There is no sweeter way to show your love than getting a box of highly addictive cookie wonders from Karamel. Their outlets are available at Naheed Super Store, Shaheed-e- Millat and Zerritta Flowers (Khb-e-Shahbaz).


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