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Fashion tech: Smart gadgets

January 20, 2017


By: Filza Jawad Hai

Smart Watches are considered to be a vital smartphone accessory these days. They can be used for multiple purposes including browsing the internet, tracking your workout, make and receive calls and running your phone apps.

The market currently has multiple options based on your budget and quality requirement. As always, a better build quality will mean a more expensive smart watch.

Some of the popular ones are listed below:

  • Samsung Gear S2


Priced between PKR 30k-40k depending on the type and where you purchase it from.It’s considered to be one of the best smart watches around and comes with Samsung’s own Tizen OS and it has a bezel that rotates.

  • Apple Watch 2


Priced between PKR 50k- 60k depending on the type and where you purchase it from.
Considered to be the best smart watch around, and it comes with the latest Apple Watch OS3. Design wise it’s quite similar to the Watch 1 but boasts some solid under the hood improvements when compared to the previous series.

  • TAG Heuer Connected



Priced around PKR 150k-200K depending on whether you buy it locally or from abroad.
The most premium smartwatch available today. Its superior design is complimented by a 1.6 GHz processor making it the most powerful watch on this list. The screen allows you to use other TAG watch dials which makes it an absolute beauty.

Smart Phones

The top 3 positions for smart phone manufacturer has remained unchanged for a while now, and it seems to remain unbothered for the foreseeable future. This is after factoring in the Note 7 fiasco. While it has hit Samsung’s earnings, they had the S7 to fall back on and that has helped them quite a bit.

The top 3 smart phones presently are:

  • iPhone by Apple – starting from PKR 70k


Finest look and feel, the OS stability compliments the device however it lacks the flexibility of an Android OS.

  • S7 Edge by Samsung – starting from PKR 60k

Probably the most beautiful smart phone available, the Andriod OS allows the users to tinker with the device under the hood, but it lacks the stability of the Apple IOS platform.

  • Pixel by Google – starting from PKR 45k


It’s the up-to-the-minute device on the list, released in October 2016. It runs raw Android allowing users to do anything they want with it, plus as its manufactured by Google, it will always be the first the get the latest updates.

There is also a much higher premium category as well that comprises of smartphones from manufacturers such as Vertu.

  • Vertu

Vertu manufactures their smart phones by hand in the UK. The metal, glass and the buttons are premium and every part of this phone has been made giving extreme attention to detail. Every customer gets access to the Vertu’s concierge service for 24 hours worldwide assistance.


They are priced between PKR 1m-1.5m – Yes that m = million!! I was not kidding when I said its extremely premium!


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