Donald Trump is All Good for Muslim World

November 9, 2016


Well, Folks! The new US president is Mr. Donald Trump; the person I predicted earlier in making a historical setback in US presidency. It has been many months since US election process began in this year February and with that so many Pakistanis anywhere in the world and in US off course have been praising Hillary Clinton for the next US president.
Probably I am the second person who has been, although dubious, of stern opinion that Mr. Donald Trump is somehow the person, third world or especially Muslims should favor for the next US presidency. The first person is a famous broadcast journalist whom I admire the most with his this particular opinion as why Muslim Americans, and Pakistani Americans, should vote Trump.
From a Pakistani-American perspective, the dynamics between Islamabad and Washington transcend local American politics. But generally, Pakistani Americans have been very ineffective and a failure at projecting their interests and likings in Washington DC. A blanket boycott of Trump is a continuation of the same mistake.
Muslim and Arab Americans should not make the mistake that the mainstream American media and political elites have made by underestimating what Trump represents.
The conservatism that Trump represents is close to Muslim and eastern ethics. “We’re very much pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, (pro-) traditional family values, pro-business, pro-trade,” says Muslim American Saba Ahmed. “Islamic values are very much the conservative principles.”
USA Today introduced Saba this way: “Ahmed is a Pakistani American lawyer and the founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, an advocacy and lobbying group. She was a registered Democrat until 2011. One of the reasons she switched parties? Islamic values are better represented by the GOP, she says.” [See:…/us-muslim-leader-wants-…/84529180/]
There are serious issues in American society and politics that Washington under Democrats failed to grasp. Trump and his campaign got it right and that is the only explanation to his rise from political oblivion to seize the Republican Party. This is one of the greatest political upsets in recent times for any student of political theory and practice.


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