Walk for the weekend: Manthokha Waterfall

September 7, 2016


By: Ali Arif Turabi

Manthokha waterfall is one of the most popular tourist spots in Pakistan. It is situated in the Kharmang district, which is 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive from Skardu city.

The waterfall is a mystic place featuring flourishing green areas, fresh streams and some very rousing restaurants and much more. The main highlight of the restaurant is the local trout fish, apart from the waterfall another worthy feat is the fish farm where trout fishes are kept for the sightseers.



One can even catch a fish and hand it over there for cooking, later the same fish would be served to you, live BBQ in Mantokha is totally a new and exuberant experience.




Camping is also an option in Manthokha waterfall. Youngsters come and stay the night under the starry sky. Rooms are specially arranged there to accommodate families and more of these rooms are being constructed because of the popular demand. The time spent at mantokha is unforgettable.