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Why Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India?

SAMAA | - Posted: Aug 16, 2016 | Last Updated: 4 years ago
Posted: Aug 16, 2016 | Last Updated: 4 years ago
Why Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India?



When it comes to Kashmir the Indians are taught and trained with this historical lie that Kashmir is an integral part of India, though many resolutions of the United Nations has clearly declared this a disputed territory controlled and administered by India. Despite all its cartographic tricks through which India had always tried to show Kashmir its integral part, the topography, and demography of the region says something else. It says that Kashmir existed even far before the independence of India from the British Empire and Kashmiris had their own distinctive identity before the Indians.


Just for a moment, let us assume that Kashmir is an integral part of India then what is this fuss all about. Actually, the repeated claim of the Indian authorities on the fate of Jammu and Kashmir itself shows its disputed nature. Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India because it never was. The accord which was presented as an evidence of accession of Kashmir with India was a result of a bargain, where India promised to protect Kashmir from foreign invaders but that did not have aspirations of Kashmiris. If Kashmir was an integral part of India then what happened to the promise of self-determination of New Delhi? Why the government in Srinagar was removed from power and why puppets were installed through rigged elections? If Kashmir was an integral part of India as they say, then why Kashmiris were always considered untrustworthy, tainted and alien.

A Kashmiri man walks past closed shops painted with graffiti during a curfew in central Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Monday, July 11, 2016. Indian authorities are struggling to contain protests by tens of thousands of Kashmiris angry after 20 people were killed in weekend demonstrations called after troops killed a top anti-India rebel leader. (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)

Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India because India cannot wash what its forces did and are doing in Kashmir from the minds and hearts of Kashmiris. Kashmir is seeing the worse militarization of 21st century and a brutal violation of fundamental rights. But is it not strange that the people and institutions of world’s largest democracy are as silent, as deaf and dumb on every atrocity India commits in Jammu and Kashmir?


Now, it is more than a month under extended curfew in Kashmir where more than five dozen people were killed and many were wounded with pellets. They have lost their eyes but not their dreams. And the Indian dream of showcasing a Muslim majority state in its union will never come true because of India’s historical blunders in Kashmir.


It is for Kashmiris to decide whether Kashmir will become someone’s integral part or otherwise and if they have eyes and ears they can see and hear what Indian minorities are going through under a so-called secular and socialist India run by Hindu extremists and followers of Hindutva. They can see the atrocities of the Indian forces in Nagaland, Assam, Punjab and more vividly in Jammu and Kashmir. So Kashmiris will not buy a minority status with blood and blood of their ancestors in a country which does not guarantee any fundamental rights for its minorities yet claims to be the world’s largest democracy. Kashmir cannot be an integral part of India for the sake of Kashmiris and let’s say if it becomes an integral part of India it would be anything but not Kashmir. It would not be Kashmir in its historical, cultural, and traditional sense.

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