Dil Yeh Dancer Hogaya: A distinctive take on the pop sensation Michael Jackson

August 3, 2016
Sarah Raza Ansari


By: Sarah Raza Ansari and Farooq Dhedhi

Atif Aslam  yet  again   with  a  new   song  which  will  surely   make  you   wanna  move and  groove or shake  a  little  bit....


Actor In Law Pkg New-Sarah

Recently  in  Karachi  the  music  launch of   Fahad  Mustafa  and  Mehwish Hayat  starrer  ACTOR  IN LAW  was organized  with  the  very  melodic  Atif  Aslam  lending  his  mellow  voice  to  one  of  the  songs  in the  movie. The  song  is  not  just  tuneful  but  is  also  a delight  to  watch  featuring the lead  performers  Mehwish  Hayat and  Fahad mustafa and Atif himself. It  almost  makes you  wanna  imagine  a world  of compassion and  fantasy. Kudos  indeed....

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